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One Ecosystem 2021 Plovdiv

Don’t miss your chance to become part of this incredible event! 16-18 July 2021. Tickets for the event are limited.

One Ecosystem 2021

We’re pleased to announce the most massive One Ecosystem event during the last years! It’s time to welcome the new era – this time in Bulgaria! The motherland of the One Ecosystem!

One Ecosystem 2021 Plovdiv - Seating plan


Don't miss out! Become a part of this incredible event! Tickets are limited.

VIP Double Ticket
Includes accommodation at Hotel Imperial

Ticket is for 2 people. Get the best spots in the event! Only 60 tickets available!

Class A ticket
Does NOT include accommodation.

Ticket is for one person. Get the better spots in the event.

Regular ticket
Does NOT include accommodation.

Ticket is for one person. Reserve your spot for this unique event!


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About the venue:

The event venue is Hotel Imperial Plovdiv - a place of luxury and comfort.

Hotel Imperial Plovdiv offers its guests an unforgettable experience.

The elegant décor of the rooms combined with their functionality make them the perfect place for seminars and corporate events. The banquet staff will keep you refreshed with an excellent selection of food and beverages.

The refined atmosphere, the impressive gourmet menus and suggestions provided and the friendly and competent service, will make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Time will stand still while you are immersed in the Imperial Plovdiv Wellness. You’ll be suspended in pure tranquillity, where muscle tension and the mind’s concerns simply melt away allowing you to emerge refreshed, balanced and energized. You can choose from a full range of exceptional treatments, massages and body care therapies, saunas, steam baths and a delicate relaxation room.

Whether you wish to feel calm, rejuvenated or energized, our soothing treatments will restore a sense of harmony to your body, mind and soul.

Why Plovdiv?

Plovdiv is the second-largest city in Bulgaria and its cultural capital.

Being the oldest living city in Europe, Plovdiv is bursting with history and character. You’ll find ancient Roman ruins standing next to beautiful old houses in Bulgarian Revival style and modern bars. Whether you fancy tasting world class craft beer in the artisan area of Kapana, walking along the cobblestone streets or exploring the ruined fortress of Nebet Tepe, there are numerous ways to immerse yourself in the unique culture and history of the city. One of its most magnificent sights is the Roman theatre of Plovdiv.